Thursday, April 28, 2011

create and notate

Tendu Combination:

Tendu in parallel/first

Tendu Davant on 1 and
Plie on 2 and, plie on 3 down 4
tendu 5 close 6 tendu in 2 counts 1-8.

Add battemate and attitude jump on both sides after tendus in first- devant.
Add triplet front back front back after a la seconde tendus.
Add en cloche for four counts, attitude jump to roll on back with legs in pose for four counts to go to other side.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picture Critique

In the following photo, the dancers are all intertwined in some way.  The image has a great use a symmetry showing that on both sides of the image, there are different people, however if you cut it in half, you will still have the same shapes on both sides.  The dancers in the center are in a deep second position plie with a side far reach toward the vertical plane.  

The dancers on the outer sides of each center dancer, are showing great use of negative space and near reach.  Each individual in this photograph is invading the others personal space however there is no sense of uncomfort; they are symbolizing unity in this image.  There are clear lines in the center plane of this image and also precise use of the pointing of the foot on the far ends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strengths, Challenges and Goals.

The semester is near its end and it has been busy and well hectic.  In the beginning of the semester I had my mind set on getting a solo done because of auditions I had in NYC.  I experienced such a emotional roller coaster during this short term goal because I had such short time to prepare and well was anxious to get to NYC and audition for a perspective school.  As I made it to NYC and came back, I was hit with the reality of how dance is not as easy as it seems.  I realized that I had still a lot to learn and grow before I can make it in the real world of dance.

As the semester progressed, I saw myself in a different mind set.  I really found what I want out of my career and other areas of interest that I would like to pursue a career in.  My biggest accomplishment is well self development into physical awareness of my body and how to apply small details and movement into larger and more complex movement.

My current goal is to take summer classes at HCC to ensure that after fall semester, I will graduate with my Associates Degree in Dance.  After I accomplish this, I plan to move to NYC and continue my education in dance as well as psychology.  I think that this semester I have learned how to have more awareness of my body and taking pointe class with Claire Andrews and Richard Ploch has helped me to improve in many areas as well.  I look forward to seeing how far I can take my goals.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

weight shift

The act of weight shift is an important skill to master when dancing.  Whether you dance tap or salsa, weight shift is a major skill that is important to understand.  In dance weight shift can accentuate the movement or may just be that you are shifting to perform another move.  In the following video,, the choreographer chose a very energetic theme for his dancers. There are moments where the dancers run on stage, come to a stop but jump and as they are landing, thought you may not see it they are transferring their weight to a certain leg or side of their body to turn multiple times.  If the dancer was unable to control the shift of weight it will throw off the consistent flow of movement in their performance and well it would not look as pleasant as it does in the video.

Transferring weight also can mean that the performer is opposing energy from their opponent if partnering.  This is also important when dancers are partnering because one can get injured if the act is not performed properly.  I think that learning this skill in dance is crucial and is a great thing to master when performing.  Not only does it make the performance look good it says a lot of the dancers awareness of their body.

Body check

At this point into my second semester, I find that physically my body is at a better stage.  I feel that I am getting stronger as the days go by however I do think I can tone up a bit more and lose a few more pounds.  Mentally, I am on track.  Lately I've been pondering on some short term goals I have been working on but other than that all else is well.  I guess there are some things that we all want over night that obviously can't be done. 

So far all that I have done this semester has worked toward my technique and improvement.  I have been taking Pointe classes 2-3 times a week to strengthen my feet and I see and feel a difference.  I also have found that in ballet class I have improved in some areas however have fallen back in others.  Not sure why this is happening but I am continuously working on them.

Similar concept

In the past two weeks, we have gone over many varieties of techniques from different companies.  In the past two weeks we have been working on spiraling of the upper body and contractions.  The contractions are from Martha Graham technique and the spiraling of the torso is from Paul Taylor.  I realize that many of these different techniques can be applied to any type of movement.  I find it interesting when I use contractions in my own work.  I'm not sure what these two technical variations are similar to in any other dance but it can definitely be applied in any choreography and would be quite interesting.

I enjoy doing Taylor and Graham technique.  I feel that it challenges the modern genre of dance. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

summer intensives

I always thought that taking class every week and performing was all there was available for dancers to make it in the performing industry.  I was then introduced to these summer intensive programs.  Wasn't sure what exactly they had to offer and how it would benefit a dancer versus the benefit of the company.  After reading more about what summer intensive programs strive for and focus on, I would definitely make an effort to try out and take advantage.

I looked into several programs coming up this summer.  While all the schools offer the same benefits and have the same purpose, I really wasn't inclined to a specific school.  However I would love to take a summer intensive course in New York City, where I plan on pursuing my dance career.  While researching, I did not find unique aspects of the different schools, however I know each program has its own exclusivity to it.  I hope that I can take advantage of this great opportunity this year.